FAQ | Answers For All.

Where can I find nutritional facts for your products?

Unfortunately, we do not have nutritional facts at this time. However, we understand that this is important information for many of our guests, and we are working to have this information compiled.

I signed up to be an Artisan Insider, but I never got a confirmation email. Am I a member?

Please send us a note with your information here. Our team will be happy to assist you with any issues you may be experiencing.

How can I become an Artisan Insider?

Visit the sign-up page and provide us with your information to become a part of the club.

Do you sell gift cards?

Yes – please visit your nearby Pizza Cucinova to purchase the perfect pizza gift for an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or holiday! Find your nearest Pizza Cucinova here.

How many toppings are included in the “Craft Your Own” options?

Toppings are unlimited, but we recommend that you pick no more than five of your favorites for the best results. Take a look at our menu.

Why do your Easton and Grandview locations not have pasta or salmon?

Our Easton and Grandview locations were the first two locations we opened. Since opening, we’ve heard our customers and have added additional products in pasta and freshly grilled salmon. Unfortunately, these two restaurants are not equipped to make these products. If you’d like to see us add these products at these locations, tell us here.

Do you offer any fundraising opportunities?

Yes, Pizza Cucinova offers fundraising events at our locations, find your location and get more information here.